Firearms Training – Basic

Firearms Training

This course is designed to accommodate shooters of all levels; from the first time shooter to an experienced shooter with over 10 years of experience.  This course teaches the fundamentals regarding the usage of firearms. Any combat veteran, police officer or experienced shooter will tell you that before they go out on a mission, patrol or training scenario; the basics is what is always touched up on, trained and reviewed.

  • 1 Hour Class Instruction

  • 1 – 2 Hour Range Time

  • Rental Included

  • Firearms Safety

  • Shooting Fundamentals

  • Firearms Mechanics

  • Basic Weapons Maintenance

  • Laws of Deadly Force

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Firearms Training – Advanced

Firearms Training Services

This course builds upon the fundamentals of the Basics Course.  It will introduce many of the real world applications of firearms manipulation techniques currently used by our armed forces and law enforcement personnel.  Lets face it, In the real world their will likely be no instance where you will be confronted while standing behind a shooting stall with all your equipment laying out in front of you.

  • 1 Hour Class Instruction

  • 2 – 3 Hour Range Time

  • Rental Included

  • Refresher of Basic Course

  • Timed Marksmanship

  • Tactical Reloads

  • Low-Light Target Acquisition

  • Holster Draw

  • Retention Shooting

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Security Officer Training

Security Guard Card Class

$50 - 175
Security Guard Card Class

Learn what it takes to keep people and property safe by acquiring the essential threat detection and deterrence skills.

Requirements for Initial Registration

  • Must be at least 18 years old

  • Undergo a criminal background check and complete a Live Scan

Training Requirements

  • Power to Arrest Training (8 hours) must be completed prior to the issuance of a guard card

  • Remainder 32 hour course of security officer skills must be completed within 6 months of registration

  • 8 hour refresher course must be completed annually

Security Guard Registration Fact Sheet

8 Hour Course

  • Power of Arrest

  • Discussion of Escalation in the Use of Force

  • Crime Prevention and Observation Techniques

  • Trespass Laws and Enforcement Implications

  • Terrorism

  • Sharing and Coordination of Intel


32 Hour Course

  • Public Relations

  • Observation and Documentation

  • Liability/In-depth Legal Aspects

  • Employer Policies

  • Evacuation Procedures

  • Officer Safety

  • Search and Seizure (more advanced that the PTA course)

  • Access Control

  • Evidence Preservation

  • Work Place violence

  • Handling difficult people

  • Chemical Agents

  • Crowd Control


40 Hour Course

  • All In One Bundle

  • Includes 8 Hours + 32 Hours Course


Exposed Firearm Permit

Exposed Firearm Permit

For currently active security guards taking it to the next level. This course will add a layer of threat detection and deterrence education while also supplementing the use of a firearm.

  • Moral and Legal aspects of carrying a firearm

  • Firearm Nomenclature and maintenance

  • Handling a firearm and the fundamentals of marksmanship

  • Emergency Procedures

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