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About Sentri Institute Inc.

The Sentri Institute Inc. was founded under two core beliefs: First, to provide effective defensive firearms training for anyone willing to learn. Second, to educate the public on the history of firearms and tackle the negative stereotypes head on in an effort to bring communities closer together.

Meet Our Team

Paul Peng

Paul Peng has a strong passion for teaching. As an army veteran of 9 years and 2 combat tours to Iraq; Mr. Peng, an ex-military policeman, possess extensive experience in the realm of security operations. His work with foreign dignitaries, heading the training programs for various police stations in Iraq as well as being the head section leader of his squad-based unit has provided him the leadership and practical experience necessary to organize and teach an effective course on firearms as well as local security operations.

During the two combat deployments to Iraq during his military service, Mr. Peng deployed to some of the most dangerous areas in the country including Fallujah and Mosul. While their he was a key member of the Police Transition Team (PTT). He and his squad of soldiers, along with the assistance of a civilian adviser and interpreter were responsible for the well being and tactical training of several police compounds. His scope of work within the training aspect included running shooting ranges, rule of law, physical and perimeter security and tactics regarding both mounted and dismounted patrols.

Mr. Peng is a certified BSIS Firearms Instructor issued by the California Department of Consumer Affairs. He is also a certified NRA Firearms instructor.

Karla Ramirez

Karla has enjoyed good conversation and helping others since she was a child. Growing up in Downey, CA; she turned this passion into one of several successful businesses at only 18 years of age. Throughout this time, the wealth of knowledge acquired in terms of marketing, business planning and strategic execution has been instrumental into her continued entrepreneurial creativity and success.

Although a relative late comer into the world of firearms, Karla has proven to be a quick learner. She is currently in the process of acquiring her instructor license.

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