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The Sentri Institute Inc. was founded under two core beliefs: First, to provide effective defensive firearms training for anyone willing to learn. Second, to educate the public on the history of firearms and tackle the negative stereotypes head on in an effort to bring communities closer together.



Sentri Institute

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Sentri Institute


Firearms Training - Basic

  • Learn the fundamentals of firearms handling and essential legal knowledge; with a STRONG focus on safety for yourself and others around you.

Firearms Training - Advanced

  • Builds upon the basic firearms course with low light scenarios, timed shoots and much more!

Security Guards

Security Guard Card Class

From $50
  • Learn what it takes to keep people and property safe by acquiring the essential threat detection and deterrence skills.

Exposed Firearm Permit

  • For currently active security guards taking it to the next level. This course will add a layer of threat detection and deterrence education while also supplementing the use of a firearm.


  • Learn about firearm SAFETY and proper firearm manipulation

  • Dedicated team of instructors with over 10 years of experience that is student focused

  • Provide valuable information regarding firearm use in the state of California

  • Learn a defensive approach to firearm operation

  • Promotes a positive and fun filled environment for the whole family

  • Acquiring fundamental knowledge of a “defensive mindset”

Sentri Institute Inc.


Paul Peng


Sentri Institute

Paul Peng has a strong passion for teaching. As an army veteran of 9 years and 2 combat tours to Iraq; Mr. Peng, an ex-military policeman, possess extensive experience in the realm of security operations.  His work with foreign dignitaries, heading the training programs for various police stations in Iraq as well as being the head section leader of his squad-based unit has provided him the leadership and practical experience necessary to organize and teach an effective course on firearms as well as local security operations.

Mr. Peng is a certified BSIS Firearms Instructor issued by the California Department of Consumer Affairs.  He is also a certified NRA Firearms instructor.

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Our Testimonials

Sentri Institute

My Boys & I loved today’s experience.
Paul and Karla we’re just great.
My eldest wants his own gun for his birthday now…
eh, we’ll see. Heck, I want my own too, lol.
A family that takes shooting together stays bonded better, is that a saying?

Maura A.

I learned alot it this course that they taught. I have bad habits that I had in the past and what I got from the class corrected it. I would definitely recommend it for any beginner and wanting to develop skills handling fire arms!

Jasper B.

Excellent range and great staff. Everyone is knowledgeable and helpful. Will definitely return, my wife and I enjoyed the experience through wounded warrior project

Mathew C.

Really enjoyed my time with Paul. Helped me through the basics and his use of props was great.
Got through the lesson and had more than enough time on the range.

Jahanzeb R

It was my first ever firearms training course and i could not have picked a better instructor. Paul started off by giving classroom training and went over basics of safety and how to properly hold a firearm. Once I felt confident we moved to the range. There Paul taught me how to properly stand, hold and fire. He helped me improve my technique and accuracy. By the end of the course, I felt confident and I was already looking forward to another session with Paul. I highly recommend Paul as an instructor especially for those who are just starting out.

Asad R

This was my first time taking a firearm course and I’m glad I took at this company. My instructor was Paul and he taught me everything from safety in detail to proper handling of a handgun. When it was time to start shooting, I was confident because of how well I was taught to use the handgun. I’m impressed and I’ll definitely come back for advanced sessions.

David A.

Paul was an amazinginstructor. Great lesson going in depth about safety and technique when handling firearms.
By the end of the lesson, we were all hitting the bullseye everytime.
Definitely will recommend to everyone.

John R.

Came here with a group. Fun and informative safety course along with instructed range time. Great training program.

Francis F.

In this course they break down the do’s and don’t on how to properly use a firearm and they go over very important information that everyone who uses a gun ought to be aware of. No experience needed to take this class. Come in as a novice, and leave feeling like an expert. I learned more in this short introduction than the 9 years of my prior military service. Paul’s style of teaching is safe, simple and easy to understand. Thank you for your service Paul.

Jose R.

Sentri Institute Inc.